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I Live to Give

I believe that my purpose is to be source of guidance and assistance to others.

My name is Deborah and I am committed to what I do because of my family. They are the primary motivation for my desire and passion to succeed. Although I had lived a good life – I want my children and our future generations to have the BEST life possible.

I grew up in a lower-middle-class. But never grew up thinking of it like that. In all honesty, I did not realize that there were “different” classes in the world. I always tried my best at whatever I was doing and if I didn’t make-the-squad or make-the-cut well then, I found a way to better myself or talent to make it the next go-round.

It is about NOT giving up. It is about NOT giving in. It is about NOT settling.

It is about Finding a Solution. It is about ACCEPTING what didn’t work and DOING something that does work.

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I am currently a full-time wife, parent, grandparent, and caregiver to my mom. As you can imagine, or probably relate to, time is something that is not in abundance for me. I could really use about 8 additional hours in the day. However, I do not allow the lack of time to stop me. I plan out what I HAVE to get accomplished and what I WANT to get accomplished. I focus on the HAVE’s first and then the WANT’s. And if something “gets-in-the-way” and the day does not go according to my plan, well, I find another solution to get things done.

What led me to be here right now and Why I am MAKING this change in my life right now!

Recently, something very traumatic happened that has made me realize that I needed to make a change in my professional life. This ‘event’ literally put my decision making into high gear. I always knew that I wanted to have that LapTop Lifestyle but it was a dream, a someday …. Well, it has now become my HAVE to.  I know that I am not to blame for what happened but I believe that if I was not spreading myself in so many directions then that ‘event’ may not have even occurred. I also know that I cannot change what happened nor can I go back and prevent it from ever have happened but what I can do is work though it and MAKE the life changes necessary to prevent it from happening again. This is my driving force.

Next Generation Dreams
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One way that I am making things happen is by building an online business. There are many offers and opportunities (and yes, many of those are sketchy) and ways to get started. My goal is to share and offer solutions to others (you) on how you too can begin a journey to entrepreneurship with your own online business that are legitimate and full of support, coaching, and training. But you need to want it! You need to work to get it accomplished.    TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN.


Becoming a successful online entrepreneur will allow me the financial freedom to have the time freedom that I need to care for my family and my loved ones. It will also allow me to offer guidance and mentor-ship to those that would like my help.

Wealthy Affiliate is a remarkable online training platform (community) of like-minded entrepreneur’s that all have been where you are right now. This community supports everyone, from the brand new member to the veteran members, every step of the way.

You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate and the program on my page How I am Gaining Time and Financial Freedom.

Take Care.
I hope to have the pleasure of getting to know you.


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